Fiction, Memoir, Personal Essays, Monologues


"God is Dead," in Fleas on the Dog, issue 3, July 1, 2019,

"Planting Coral Bells for Mom," May 8, 2019,


"Love at First Sight,"  January 17, 2018,

 “Dear Editor,” in Troublemakers section of Persimmon Tree, 2017

 “Cellblock Number 12,” November 4, 2016, fiftyword

 “Gazebo Dreams,” October 27, 2016, on Harmonic Convergence of Souls blog

 “Sharhana,” October 24, 2016,

 “Mexico,” October 24, 2016, on Harmonic Convergence of Souls blog

 “Abigail,” October 10, 2016,

 “Flight,”, October 2016

 “Abigail,”, September 2016

 “Land of Opportunity,” Down in the Dirt Magazine, May 2017, ​

Also in Negative Space: 2017 poetry & flash fiction collection anthology, Scars Publications

 “Ida Mae Murphy,” in Reproductive Rights Festival Anthology, published by Indie Theater Now, September 2016. And, "Ida Mae Murphy," in Short Plays on Reproductive Freedom," edited by Cindy Cooper, July 2019.

 “Bonnie’s Journey,” Alaska Women Speak (print), Spring 2016

 “Driving to Hawaii, Persimmon Tree, Fall 2015,    

“Fairbanks, Alaska 1959,” in Mother/Daughter Monologues (vol. 2: Thirtysomethings), published by the International Centre for Women Playwrights, 2009. (as Debbie Feldman)

“God’s Country,” in Climate Controlled: an Electronic Anthology of Northern Literature, (published as Debbie L. Feldman; click on the photo in the furthest left column, 2006