Nonfiction Publications


The Costco Connection, "Play Misty for Me," October, 2018


"Laughter Yoga -- No Joke," Your AAA/AAA Northeast, January 1, 2018,


"Safety Tips for Snowbirds," Next Avenue, December 19, 2018,

"'Good Neighbors of Park Slope' Helps Residents Age in Place,"

"Try Tai Chi for Balance and Fall Prevention,"

"Thinning Skin, Bruising Skin,"


"How Women Can Avoid Car Repair Ripoffs,"


"Burned Out: Recognizing and addressing burnout in you and your staff," Practice Link, Winter 2019,

"Doctor Come-Lately," Unique Opportunities: The Physician's Resource,

"Clean, Green Eugene, Oregon," Unique Opportunities: The Physician's Resource,


"Is Rural Medicine for You?" Unique Opportunities: The Physician's Resource,

"Transformations for a Brighter Future," from Live Well, Summer 2017 (Christus Spohn Hospital).

"Medical Sleuths," Unique Opprtunities: The Physician's Resource [Reprinted for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Epidemic Intelligence Service],

"Coming of Age," Unique Opportunities: The Physician's Resource [reprinted in Faulkner & Gray's Wellness & Prevention Sourcebook],


"What Are the Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery?" April 2, 2019,

"Lifestyle Changes to Help Control High Blood Pressure," March 11, 2019,

“A Crisis of Faith,” and “HIV Testing and Treatment,” POZ Latino Supplement,

“HIV/AIDS Supplement” (nine articles), La Salud Hispana

“The ABCs of Hepatitis,” Every Second Counts,

“When You’re Stressed Out,” Food & Fitness Advisor (Weill Medical College of Cornell University),

 “What You “Knead” to Know about Massage,” Family Safety & Health,

“Don’t Sweat the Sun,” Today’s Supervisor,

“Fact or Fad?  The Truth About Herbal Remedies,” Family Safety & Health

“Help Fight the War on Occupational Cancer,” Today’s Supervisor

“Safeguard Yourself From Bloodborne Pathogens,” Today’s Supervisor

“Bloodborne Pathogens Exposed,” Safeworker

“Duke Pain Initiative Takes Proactive Role for Patient Relief,” Disease Management, Vol. 3, No. 4

"Transferring Quality Care to Improved Outcomes: An Interview with Dr. Ross Miller of CIGNA,” Disease Management, Vol. 3, No. 4

“Outcomes and Therapists:  New Modus Operandi for an Old Profession,” Post-Acute Outcomes Sourcebook, Faulkner & Gray

“Hope for Sickle Cell Patients,” Parenting

“Drug Testing in the Workplace,” Contemporary Long Term Care

“Lawn-Care Chemicals: How Safe Are They?” Special Report

“Benefits of Brain Autopsy," Cleveland Area Chapter Newsletter, Alzheimer's Association. Reprinted in East Tennessee Chapter Newsletter, Alzheimer’s Association

“Finding Your Strength as a Family,” Issues in Focus, Cleveland, Ohio Area Chapter, Alzheimer’s Association. Reprinted in East Tennessee Chapter Newsletter


“Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease," Issues in Focus, Cleveland, Ohio Area Chapter, Alzheimer's Association. Reprinted in East Tennessee Chapter Newsletter


           To view all of my Corporate Secretary articles, go to and click on the article you want to read.  I've written about Corporate Governance, Risk, Proxy Season, Board of Directors, Cyber-security risk management, Corporate Secretary Success, and Compliance.

"Diversity takes Canadian governance spotlight," December 28, 2017, in Winter issue of Corporate Secretary Magazine,

"Proxy Mini-Season Doesn't Mean Mini-Challenges," Corporate Secretary Special Edition:  Shareholder Engagement, October 2017 

“Conflict minerals rule can help fight human trafficking, Deloitte says,”, July 17, 2017

"Welcome Aboard! Helping New Directors Settle In," Corporate Secretary Special Edition: June 2017

“Domino’s takes delivery of new general counsel,”, December 20, 2016

“Tintina Resources appoints new secretary and CFO,”, December 12, 2016

“Eastern Platinum names new corporate secretary,”, December 2, 2016

“Cyber-security risk management requires integrated, holistic approach,”, November 23, 2016

“Awareness of cyber-security threat and risk management increasing, survey says,, ”November 22, 2016

“In-house partnerships key for corporate secretary success,”, November 9, 2016

“Board’s audit committee plays key role in company audits,” Corporate, November 7, 2016

“Five key success factors for corporate secretaries,”, October 28, 2016

“Adherence to compliance strategies begins at the top,”, October 27, 2016

“Plantronics penalized for poor electronic date storage policies,”, October 26, 2016

“Boards should be involved in evaluating cyber-crisis management plan,”, October 24, 2016

“Board members often unaware of loss or theft of knowledge assets, survey says,”, October 19, 2016

“Heightened third-party risk requires board involvement and communication,”, October 12, 2016

“More than half of retailers fail to invest in information security,” Corporate, October 6, 2016

“Cyber-security named top risk by CEOs,” Corporate, October 5, 2016

“Applying Olympic standards to third-party assurance reporting,”, August 19, 2016

“More outsourcing of compliance tasks as regulatory demands rise, survey finds,”, August 10, 2016

“More control over financial reporting seen from increased SOX spending,”, July 28, 2016

“Helping employees internalize company values,”, July 1, 2016

“Pro-active fraud risk assessment is lacking, recent survey finds,”, February 9, 2016

“Seven key issues for chief risk officers to address in 2016,”, January 19, 2016

“IT audit reporting lines need improvement, says new report,, December 10, 2015

“Regulators pushing more personal liability for senior officers, Thomson Reuters says,” CorporateSecretary.c

“Get Defensive,” GEICO Direct,   

Safedriver (National Safety Council):
       “Deliver the Goods Safely”
       “Wildlife and Cars: A Deadly Combination”
       “Avoid Roadway Aggression,”
       “Reach Your Long-Distance Destination Safely This Summer,”
       “Ride Out Aggressive Drivers”
       “Dialing and Driving:  A Safe Combination?”
       “Seconds Count in Following Distance,”
       “Don’t Miss the Bus on Intersection Safety,”

Safeworker (National Safety Council):
       “Don't Get Hot Under the Hood”
       “Use Your Head--Wear a Hard Hat,”
       “There’s a ‘Lot’ to Know about Parking Lot Safety”
       “Don’t Blow Your Chance to Prepare for Tornadoes”

       "First Responders to the Rescue,"

Today’s Supervisor (National Safety Council):
       “Job Safety Analysis: A Best Practice for Your Workplace”
       “Don’t Get Burned at Work,”

       “Alarmed About Fire Safety?”

“Member Spotlight: Donna Hoke,” Seasons (The newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), October 2015

“Member Spotlight: Shirley Barrie,” Seasons  (The newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), September 2015

“Member Spotlight:  Alan Woods,” Seasons (The newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), August 2015

“Member Spotlight: Sofia Etcheverry,” Seasons (The newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), July 2015


“Member Spotlight:  Laura Shamas,” Seasons (The newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), June 2015

“Member Spotlight: Geralyn Horton,” Seasons (The newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), May 2015

“Member Spotlight:  Herlina Syarifudin,” Seasons (The newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), April 2015

“Playwright Profiles,” Seasons (The Quarterly Newsletter of the International Centre for Women Playwrights), Vol. 5, No. 1, March 2007

“Ron Venk, Massage Therapist,” The Open Line:  The New York Open Center Member Newsletter

“A Conversation with Sharon Salzberg,” The Open Line: The New York Open Center Member Newsletter

“On the Road Again,” UT Agriculture, University of Tennessee

“Faculty Spotlight,” UT Agriculture, University of Tennessee

“Actor’s Adding to His Theater History,” Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Exotic pets: Ferreting Out Information on Unusual Companions,” Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Besides Birth Control, Spaying, Neutering Offer Health, Behavior Benefits” and “Physicals Vital to Good Pet Health,” Knoxville News-Sentinel

“Veterinary Variety:  Vet Med Attracts Students with Diverse Backgrounds,” UT Agriculture, University of Tennessee

 “Veterinary Medicine from A (Avian) to Z (Zoologic),” UT Agriculture, University of Tennessee

“Cats Only Clinics:  Better for Your Cat?”  CATS Magazine,

“Best and Brightest”
“After the Riots: Teller Aid”
“Delicious Scares without Nightmares”
“Introduction to Africa”
“On the Air with Kid Stuff”
“Tales that Bind”
“Telling Tales with Puppet Partners”
“Trading Places, Sharing Tales: Judy Sima”

                                        KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL
"Typical Elderhostel offers compressed classes in 3 areas of study to seniors,” Travel section

“Girls softball league fundraiser,” Halls Has It section

“Hermitage Furniture Galleries officers and staff know their business well,” Home Fashion Showcase section

“New businesses in Townsend ready for autumn visitors,” Townsend Visitor supplement

“Tap dancer returns to Knox to polish skills,” Fifty Plus section

"Exotic pets: Ferreting out information on unusual companions,” Living section

“Besides birth control, spaying, neutering offer health, behavior benefits,” and “Physicals vital to good pet health,” Pets: A Special Advertising Presentation

“The benefits are a-changin,’” Careers supplement

“Expanding commerce caters to food, recreation, more,” Townsend Visitor supplement

“Library expansion plans taken off the shelf,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Actor’s adding to his theater history,” Fifty Plus section

“Pellissippi will offer interior design study,” West & Farragut News Weekly

"Speakers Hall presenters offer range of expertise,” House and Garden Show supplement

“To lifelong learner, the skies were not a limit,” Fifty Plus Monthly

“First Tennessee Bank of Maryville,” “Nelson Realtors of Maryville,” “Denver L. Hunt Company,” Blount County advertising supplement

“Ms. Senior Tennessee gives voice to her age,” Fifty Plus section

“Humane Society advises against giving pets as presents,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Psychologist offers theories surrounding gift-giving spirit,” Holiday Gift Guide supplement

“Psi Gallery offers its shoppers eclectic items from East India,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Eva’s is back, despite fire, tree,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Halls Has It Business Expo,” Advertising supplement

“Proper clothing, visits make the first day of school a bit smoother,” Back to School: A Special Advertising Presentation

“Perfect Exposure Photography,” “411 Restaurant,” and “Jazzberry General Boutique and Gallery,” Maryville, Tennessee Advertising Supplement

“Dancers to raise money for O’Connor,” Fifty Plus Monthly

“A modern Mary Poppins: Nanny places the perfect caregivers with growing families,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Pampered bodies given the works,” West & Farragut News Weekly          

“Bagel shop, deli toast N.Y. taste,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Body Recall is warmly praised,” and “Insider says exercises offer fun, relaxation,” Fifty Plus Monthly

“Stable specializes in equine interests,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Cobble experience yields growth,” East Tennessee Business Expo Advertising Supplement

“Hobby becomes big business: Mark Kohlman’s trade leaves an impression on customers,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Cox’s Bazaar,” Spring Fling Edition

“Oasis Lawn and Garden Center,” Spring Fling Edition

“Beds To Go,” Spring Fling Edition

“Jo-Su outfits customers in classics,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Let them eat bakery’s customized cake,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Bob Johnson Insurance,” Progress Edition

“Graning Discount Paint gives you advice on choosing a color,” What’s New? Edition

“Sunsational custom-build sun room, patio enclosure,” What’s New? Edition

“Family relocates its shop to Party City,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Salsa’s delivers taste of Mexico,” West & Farragut News Weekly

“Lots of fun stationed under one roof,” West & Farragut News Weekly

"Restauranteur serves creative mix of taste, healthy foods,” West & Farragut News Weekly

                                         CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER
“At Kent State, Students were Killed Unaccountably,” Cleveland Plain Dealer, Op-